Legal Aspect

The Public Accounting Firm AR Utomo is member of Indonesian Institutof Certified Public Accountants ( IAPI ).License of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia based on the Decree No. 5/KM.1/2012 for Bussines License (KAP).

Public Accountant Personal License:

  1. Ahmad Toha, CPA the Decree No. 250/KM.1/2007 and Public Accountant Number 07.1.0995.
  2. RaharjoSugengUtomo, CPA the Decree No.: 628/KM.1/20079 and Public Accountant Number 09.1.1037.

Indonesian Institute of Public Accountants (IAPI) Number are:

  1. Ahmad Toha, CPA – No. 1481
  2. RaharjoSugengUtomo, CPA–No.1624

Registered Tax Number (NPWP) based on General Tax Decree No.PEM-00627/WPJ.06/ KP.1503/2012 NPWP Number.02.881.881.3-076.000.

Registered as Taxpayer (PKP) at KPP Jakarta Pratama Jakarta MentengTiga.