Public Sector Services

As known, since the era of government reform to give greater attention in the public sector. Implementing the government program “Good Corporate Governance” of all business entities or public sector institutions. Public sector includes the government or the Government, the projects funded by government enterprises, state owned enterprises, a business owned by local Goverrnment, institutions or agencies and other businesses that all or part funded by the state. To achieve that, the role of professional accountants is very large.

To respond to the background of our government’s auditor, has conducted several services related to the public sector, among others:

• Audit of local government (the government or the provincial government district / city)
• Financial Reports of local governments
• Development of Regional Financial Accounting System (SAKD)
• Audit of the state-owned and BUMD
• Audit procedures agreed to the Political Party Campaign Fund
• Audit procedures agreed to Candidate Leader’s Campaign Funds
• Audit of the projects in central and regional governments

Audits of public sector in addition to using standard professional Public Accountant Standard (SPAP), which are developed by IAPI, are also using the standard for public sector audit prepared by the Supreme Audit Board Republic of Indonesia (BPK-RI)